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July 30, 2007

Struggle for Linux

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Last weekend I spent all my time in installing Linux. Since it’s my first time playing with Linux, really a big challenge I faced.
The linux  distribution I choose is Zenwalk, which is recommended as a light-weight, fast, compact version. I downloaded the iso file from website and installed it from hard disk. The iso file is even less than 500M, truly very small, isn’t it? I  had referred to many articles which talk about others’ experience about the installation before I started off. Nevertheless, it still got me much trouble in the practical process; hence I think it’s worth taking down the whole process for future use, or for your convenience.
1. Download the iso file and extract it to root directory of one FAT32 partition. (I haven’t tried placing it on NTFS partition, maybe it works)
2. Download ‘Grub for DOS’, a awesome boot loader that substitutes traditional ‘LILO’. Also extract it at C:\, and copy the ‘grldr’ file to the root directory where the boot.ini is also located. Edit boot.ini to append following line: C:\grldr=”Grub”. Caution: C partition must be FAT32 formatted, otherwise the grub tool won’t work (see it’s document).
3. Reboot the computer. In the boot screen an option to start with Grub would be presented; select it to enter Grub.
4. In Grub, a menu with many entries will show up, ignore them and press “c” to start command line mode. Type following commands:
    kernel (hdx,y)/kernels/ata/bzImage-
    initrd (hdx,y)/isolinux/initrd.img-

5. Then the Zenwalk installation interface would be displayed,  with which you can start the installation. Remember to mount the installation source to a directory at first, for instance:
    mkdir /mnt/install
    mount -t vfat /dev/hda7 /mnt/install
then you can input this directory when you are asked to specify the installation source during the installation.
6. The installation may take about 10 more minutes, then, enjoy Zenwalk.

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