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July 24, 2007

Change the way spending time after work

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Today when I got back home from wok,  after a short break, I sat at front of the computer and powered on it as usual.  At the time the screen lighted up, I was dazzled unexpectedly, because the room is somewhat dark without illumination. It suddenly occurred to me that I was doing the same thing as done at work.

Apparently it’s not good to spend spare time this way, my eyes and brain can’t get relaxed and remain tense; the whole person is still kept in the state as being in the office. I told myself that I should have some changes – spending more time with my families especially my lovely son, developing some new interest, or even doing some exercises; either of them is better than current choice. Yes, it’s right. Sometimes you really need some changes in your life although the process may be a little bit tough, but it’s quite necessary.


July 23, 2007

First post here

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Very happy to set up a blog here, to record personal thoughts, learnings, experience and so on.

I believe that a fully utilized blog is very helpful for one to keep track of  things which are useful and valuable. So I will make full use of it by frequent updates. Hope this is a nice beginning for prospecting wonderful things.

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